Mailing Department


After your order is printed, let us mail it for you...

  • We are “Mailing Experts” - Our  knowledgeable staff is here to help. Contact us with your questions about direct mail.
  • Time Saver - You can rest assured in the fact that immediately following print production your order will be sent to our high speed addressing machines eliminating the time spent in transit to an outside vendor.
  • Money Saver - Our powerful mailing software will get you the largest postage discounts possible.

Mailing Equipment/Services

  • Rena High-Speed Inkjet Addressing Mail Line
  • Accufast Tabber/Sealer up to 1.5”
  • Mail List Service
  • NCOA, CASS and Pre-Sort
  • Inserting and Sealing
GraphiColor Inkjet
GraphiColor Tabbing

GraphiColor…because you deserve excellence.

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